When you can't read your Bible, let Dwell read it over you.

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I read my Bible daily, but this app. I’ve LOVED being able to listen to my Bible aloud. There are people in the Bible whose stories I’ve never much thought about, but hearing their stories read aloud has brought me to tears.

App Store Review

This is the audio Bible app I've always wanted. The playlists and plans are awesome, the voice and background music choices are a nice touch. I love how the app is designed and how it's used. I'm happy to pay for the annual membership to support what this app is doing!

App Store Review

Explore Scripture through Playlists, Stories, Passages, and Plans

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Walk through Scripture with themed playlists that collect notable verses on subjects such as “hope” and “forgiveness.”

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Stories & Passages

Listen to the greatest passages and stories from the greatest book. Dwell's user-friendly lists will help you find one in seconds, or browse for something new.

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Cultivate a habit of listening to Scripture every day with Dwell’s various listening plan options.

Dwell lets you listen to Scripture the way that fits you.

Explore Scripture through daily listening plans, topical playlists, curated stories & passages, and more.

Choose from ten genuine voices, each passionate about reading Scripture.

Original music by renowned composer Chad Lawson, composed just for Scripture

Change the volume of the voices and music independently, to perfectly tune your experience.

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