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Narrators That Inspire

Pastors, Authors & Thought Leaders are using Dwell

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If you’re not a good reader, there are so many tools available to you to soak in the word of God. One of my favorites is Dwell.

Matt Chandler
Lead Pastor, The Village Church
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I can’t begin to rave enough about Dwell and how formational it is. It can change our relationship with God as we steep in the WORD.

Ann Voskamp
New York Times Bestselling Author
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I turn on Dwell as I'm driving and I get to be with God.

Jennie Allen
Founder of If:Gathering

Why Dwell Exists

What Can I Do With Dwell?


Get access to the finest listening experience for the Bible, with 14 different voice options and 9 different versions to-date. Dwell is always adding more!

Dwell mocked up on iOS.
Dwell mocked up on iOS.

Read Along

See and hear the Bible like never before with Dwell’s new Read Along experience. Follow the text of Scripture as it scrolls down the screen, synchronized to the narrator’s voice.


Learn to silence the noise and confusion that swirls around you. Use Dwell throughout your day to refresh your soul and find your center.

Dwell mocked up on iOS.
Dwell mocked up on iOS.


As we sleep, we are reminded that we are dependent creatures. The Lord renews and sustains us as we learn to rest in him. Doze off to the word of God being read over you using Dwell.


Meditation on Scripture is medicine that heals our inattentiveness and awakens in us a longing for God. Use Dwell’s Repeat and Reflect feature to meditate on God’s word.

Dwell mocked up on iOS.
Dwell mocked up on iOS.


Growth in Christ does not happen by accident. This way of life must be intentionally cultivated daily. Use any of Dwell’s 75+ listening plans (+notifications) to stay rooted in Scripture.


Memorizing Scripture is key to an abiding life with Christ. Move the Word of God from the screen deep into your heart using Dwell’s Repeat and Reflect feature.

Dwell mocked up on iOS.
Dwell mocked up on iOS.

Search & Favorite

Keep your favorite passages close to your heart! Dwell makes it simple to search and bookmark verses so that you can easily return to them day after day.

Browse & Discover

Browse popular verses or curated playlists that include select verses by theme. Or take the traditional approach: pick your favorite book and dive in!

Dwell mocked up on iOS.
Dwell has become my favorite iOS app of all time. Superb job team!
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I highly recommend the app! Really sets the bar for audio bibles. #Bible #scripture #audiobooks
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Love this app. , I've had it since they launched and it just gets better and better!
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I've never been a fan of audio Bibles, until today! Just discovered Game changer.
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I listened to Felix read Psalm 100 on Dwell mode for about an hour the other day. So good! 🙌
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I’ve LOVED being able to listen to my Bible aloud. There are people in the Bible whose stories I’ve never much thought about, but hearing their stories read aloud has brought me to tears.
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This is the audio Bible app I've always wanted...I'm happy to pay for the annual membership to support what this app is doing!
App Store Review Twitter icon
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