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The most beautiful listening experience for the Bible.


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I read my Bible daily, but this app. I’ve LOVED being able to listen to my Bible aloud. There are people in the Bible whose stories I’ve never much thought about, but hearing their stories read aloud has brought me to tears.

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Do you have a busy life and find it difficult to read the Bible? Try Dwell! You'll be surprised how much of the Bible you can enjoy in this format by simply listening while getting dressed in the morning, doing chores or running errands.

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This is the audio Bible app I've always wanted. The playlists and plans are awesome, the voice and background music choices are a nice touch. I love how the app is designed and how it's used. I'm happy to pay for the annual membership to support what this app is doing!

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This is truly a Bible listening experience you've never seen before. The music scores, the voices, the app layout and art — exceptional. This is like the Spotify of Bible listening.

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