Scripture listening reimagined.
Cultivate a habit of listening to the most important book in history: the Bible.

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Dwell is coming soon to both iOS and Android

Dwell for iOS

Available June 2018


Dwell for Android

Available Fall 2018

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Genuine Voices
Read by people who love the Bible as much as you do.

Intimate Music
Original music composed exclusively for listening.

Easily Explore
Dive into the Bible from multiple jumping-off points, like stories, key passages, themed playlists, or listening plans.

Our Kickstarter was the fourth most successful app of all time. Thank you to the 2,262 backers that pledged $128,859 to help bring Dwell to life.

Original Voices
We’re creating original recordings from scratch. Choose from any four voices. Set your favorite as your default reader or swap voices on the fly. Preview each voice below.

North American
Conversational, Casual
Northern England
Soft, Relaxed
East African (English)
Energetic, Warm
North American
Dramatic, Storyteller

Original Music
Enjoy original in-app music by Steinway artist & composer Chad Lawson. You’ll love the relaxed approach. It’s tailor-made for listening to scripture because it doesn’t distract, it draws you in.

Listen to a music preview
Stillness, by Chad Lawson for Dwell Music

Original Artwork
We’re creating original artwork for Dwell, illustrating Scripture in interesting and evocative ways.


Easily Explore
Navigate the Scriptures through Listening Plans, Stories, Key Passages, and Thematic Playlists.

Cultivate a habit of listening to Scripture everyday with Dwell’s various listening plan options.
The Bible is one big amazing story filled with many smaller amazing stories. Our user-friendly lists will help you find one in seconds, or browse for something new.
Listen to the greatest passages from the greatest book. Soak in Romans 8, Psalm 119, Colossians 3 and many more with the tap of a finger.
Survey Scripture from Old Testament to New on such perennial themes as “hope” or “discipleship” with Playlists.

Praise for Dwell

“If you are a fan of audiobooks and podcasts but find the audio recordings in your current Bible app a bit dull, then this is an app you should definitely consider.” Chris Wilson,
“What an intelligent and redemptive use of technology! I can't wait to use Dwell to help me hide God's word deeper in my mind and heart.” Carolyn Arends, Renovaré
“Dwell gives me the opportunity to simply 'be' in the word of God. No ‘doing’ required.” Juanita Rasmus, St. John's Church Downtown
“Sharing the Gospel Anew...” Michael Gryboski, Christian Post
“The app is quite remarkable. The blend of intimate music and authentic voices makes it quite fascinating to listen to.” Andy Hale, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
“As a pastor and leader I see the need to have this kind of technology not only in my life but in the lives of the people I lead.” Joe Hoagland, Rookie Preacher

Dwell Player
Our Player allows you to switch voices on the fly, change or mute music, and favorite individual verses for memorization or quick access later.

Change voices while you listen.
Favorite verses for memorization for quick access later.
Change or mute the music.
See the verses you're listening to with just a tap.