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Hear God's Word come alive
Bring the teachings and stories of Scripture to life, not just reading the words, but hearing them read over you
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Turn ordinary moments into divine encounters
Transform your daily moments, such as exercise or chores around the house, into divine encounters
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Build the Bible habit you've always wanted
Develop a consistent Scripture routine, establishing this deeply-rooted spiritual practice for life

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"One of my favorite apps out there. Another way to immerse myself in God's word."

Matt Chandler
Matt Chandler
The Village Church

"I can't begin to rave enough about Dwell and how formational it is."

Ann Voskamp
Ann Voskamp
NYTimes Best-Selling Author

"We love the Dwell app and we know you will too."

Shane & Shane
Shane & Shane
Christian Music Artists

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Five out of five stars

"I read my Bible daily, but this app. I've LOVED being able to listen to my Bible aloud. There are people in the Bible whose stories I've never much thought about, but hearing their stories read aloud has brought me to tears."

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Five out of five stars

"One of my favorite features is the ability to loop a verse chapter or book to help memorize scripture. This is an outstanding tool for getting to know the bible and having it written on your heart."

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Five out of five stars

"Do you have a busy life and find it difficult to read the Bible? Try Dwell! You'll be surprised how much of the Bible you can enjoy in this format by simply listening while getting dressed in the morning, doing chores or running errands."

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