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By Ragan Sutterfield

11 min read

This spring, when the last frost had gone and the world seemed suddenly washed in green, a friend gave my family six tomato plants.  My daughters helped me pick them out from the varieties on offer—cherry, slicers, sauce— and we took them home to plant in the warming soil.  In my front yard, the ...


Recently, Jonathan Bailey (Co-founder of Dwell) and Tripp Prince (Head of Product at Dwell) sat down with Richard Foster to ask him this very question.  This conversation explores a wide range of topics, including the aim of the spiritual life, the role of technology in discipleship, and how to recover the centrality of biblical meditation. Listen now as we together seek to encounter God through meditation on his word.  


Psalm 119:105 says “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”  Clocking in at 176 verses, Psalm 119 is a long, elaborate meditation on the theme of God’s word. It follows an acrostic pattern, giving us an A to Z understanding of how to think about the Bible. The acrostic pattern makes it particularly useful for education and formation. In fact, the Protestant Reformer Martin Luther found in Psalm 119 an enduring pattern for Bible Study and theological reflection. He outlined this pattern in the preface to a collection of his theological writings known as the Wittenberg Edition...


It’s so strange, it’s almost comical. At the same time, it is so strange, so unheard of, it’s much too unsettling, too beyond-this-world to laugh at. A shrub on fire in the middle of the desert. But no smoke. No blackening of the branches or leaves. No ozone. Ablaze, and unharmed.  We’ve heard the story so many times, that it helps to slowly re-imagine that pivotal scene from Exodus 3. Not only because it sharpens our scriptural imagination, but because it can also teach us something about God’s plan. Early on in Christian meditation, art, and preaching, Mary the mother of Jesus is depicted...