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By Amber Noel

4 min read

Abba Moses (“Father” Moses) was a Christian desert monk in the 4th century A.D. Famous for his holiness and wise sayings, many people would come to him for advice. They often got more than they bargained for! A man once came to him, asking for a word of wisdom about how to grow in the spiritual l...


Each year the American Bible Society, in partnership with the Barna Group, releases the State of the Bible. One of the most interesting aspects of this research is that it gives a snapshot of our collective Bible reading habits. Based on the 2020 State of the Bible, this research shows that 9% of Americans use the Bible on a daily basis. On the other end of the spectrum, 34% of Americans never read the Bible on their own. In between these extremes, one finds a wide variety of Bible reading habits.  It is likely that many people would love to create new, healthier Bible reading habits, yet ...


In 1974, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn released one of his best-known works, Live Not By Lies, a bold and unwavering call to resistance in the face of ideological totalitarianism. Though Soviet Russia was capable of unspeakable violence and oppression, Solzhenitsyn was quick to point out that a heavy hand was not necessary to subdue a people who were willing to submit to the lies they were told, what he called a “daily participation in deceit.” In his mind, the cure to this captivity was both simple and accessible: an unwavering commitment to “a personal nonparticipation in lies!” Whatever societa...


Me time. Self-care. Personal day. All these concepts seem to be having a moment lately, especially as the tense anxiety of Covid unwinds. And yet, they each have a far more historic and rooted origin and, rightly understood, can be traced to the ancient Christian practice of solitude. What comes to your mind when you think of solitude? Blissful isolation on a beach or mountainside? A quiet park bench with a busy world whirring by? Kneeling in a candle-lit church and praying?  How do we even do solitude in our current day and culture? And how can Dwell help?  Practically, the first thing we...